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We practice what we preach.

Social media may not seem like the best fit for every business, but it’s impossible to ignore its reach and pervasiveness. To say nothing of its roll in search engine optimization.

For those reasons, we advise any business looking to brand itself effectively to consider a social media campaign to complement a public relations strategy. The two ideally play off each other, creating the repetition of message vital for campaign success.

But like everything in business, there are rules.

First, listen first. Like any good relationship, one must listen to understand. And to know how to best respond to constantly shifting dynamics.  Speak first at your own peril.

Second, be thoughtful. This stuff last forever. And that’s a long time. AH Liberty provides value in our ability to merge thoughtfulness with velocity. Both essential traits in today’s business environment. You should strive to do the same.

Third, lead with images, video and graphics. Follow with words. Well-written, impactful and concise words. People respond first to the emotion of an image or video, second to the power of the prose and third to the context of the larger message.

Finally, have fun. No one visits these sites in search of boredom. ey want to be entertained, informed, educated. The more interesting you are, following the rules above, the greater success you’ll find.

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