Believe in it!

You can now find AH Liberty, among thousands of other trusted veteran-owned businesses, on

The storefront of the National Veteran Owned Business Association, is a one-stop-shop directory for patriotic Americans to continue showing their support for the country’s veteran community by supporting their businesses.


We are pleased to be affiliated with firms like Shreiner Valuation Resources, Certified and licensed appraisers providing valuations of commercial & industrial real estate, machinery & equipment, business equity positions, and business enterprises, and located in downtown Indy,

As well as Junk Dawgs, owned and operated by firefighters, Junk Dawgs provides a professional and friendly solution to your junk removal and hauling needs, and Veteran Anitiquities, A Veteran Arts Initiative that produces veteran made art, furniture & more… Profits are used for programs that benefit the quality of life for disabled, challenged & dependent veterans.

There are literally hundreds of scrappy Indianapolis-based veterans running businesses large and small on the directory and tens of thousands more across the country. AH Liberty, a trusted marketing & communications firm based in Indianapolis, is proud to be among their ranks.