Public Relations

Raise your hand if you trust the media.

Now raise it again if you’d like to see a glowing feature story on how successful your business is in your community, in your industry of in your niche.

We live in an era in which declining trust in the media has coincided with a fall in trust in most major institutions.

Newspapers dig deep, and TV is a powerful tool to share rich media. But don’t underestimate the power of radio or even blogs. We can build a plan to reach a diversity of journalists and media.

But we also rely on the media to keep us informed on the reliability of our elected officials, the trustworthiness of local businesses and where to find the hottest new place to get a drink after work or have dinner with friends.

Earning positive media coverage can be the difference between legitimacy and remaining unknown while negative media coverage can sometimes lead to a drop in sales and, sadly, a loss of reputation.

Our proven team of public relations professionals can help keep your brand, your team, your executives in good graces with the local, state and national media.

Underestimate the power of the press at your own peril.

The media can move like lightning, we can redirect the thunder